Who is WMTG?

Today's technologies are complex. But, when technology-based initiatives get into trouble, the problems are more likely due to complexity than the technology itself. The principal issues are: 1) managing technological complexity - and its escalating cost - due to heterogeneous systems and networks dispersed across the organization and 2) managing organizational complexity when responsibility for technology decisions, resources and functions are shared across multiple business and technology organizations.

Weston Technology Management Group (WTMG) helps organizations to achieve their business objectives through the strategic use of technology. Working with CIOs and senior business executives, WTMG reduces technological and organizational complexity with focused, pragmatic IT strategies that achieve the organization's key business objectives. WTMG complements CIOs and IS organizations with a breadth and depth of industry experience and best practices to navigate these issues.

The principal issues addressed are:

  • Business / IT Strategic Planning: Helps organizations prioritize competing business strategies so that IT resources are allocated to the most important business initiatives
  • Managing Technological Complexity: Develops focused strategies that reduce complexity and its cost while increasing service levels
    • Architecture and Standards: Develops and "sells" enterprise architectures that are designed to reduce the complexity and costs of heterogeneous technologies and are supported across the enterprise
    • Optimize IT Costs: Develops metrics and strategies for optimizing IT spending to deliver maximum impact (without sacrificing service levels)


  • Managing Shared-Resource Organizations: Develops organization and governance strategies that help CIOs share technology responsibilities among multiple, independent IS organizations
    • IS Organization: Organizes functions and tasks to increase organizational effectiveness when responsibilities for technology decisions, functions and resources are shared
    • IT Governance: Develops governance frameworks that organize IT responsibilities and processes so that they work smoothly across multiple organizations


  • IT Performance: Develops strategies for measuring and managing IT performance to deliver and communicate IT value to the enterprise
    WTMG addresses these issues. We develop tailored strategies that address and resolve the IT management issues of technological complexity, the shared management of IT and that demonstrate relevance and contribution to the business.




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