Mark Hess is the President of Weston Technology Management Group. WTMG is dedicated to assisting CIOs and senior business executives with the strategic issues in the management of technology. These issues range from strategy development to organizing and managing IT to strategy execution with the goal of delivering maximum value to the enterprise. Said differently, WTMG helps users manage the intersection of IT strategy and business strategy from an enterprise perspective.

For the previous 14 years, Mark was Vice President and Service Director of GartnerGroup, the leading strategic research and analysis firm on the computer and telecommunications industries for large corporate and government users of technology. His role was to develop and deliver “thought leadership” to the IT industry. Mark created and managed many of GartnerGroup’s Management of Technology services that work with CIOs and senior business executives to address the issues of enterprise management of IT with emphasis on increasing the alignment of IT with the strategic business initiatives of the enterprise.

Mark created and managed GartnerGroup’s Business Value of IT (BVIT) research and advisory service to address the key CIO issue of aligning IT strategy with business strategy. BVIT developed methodologies to measure and manage the degree of alignment between IT strategy and business strategy as well as best practices for establishing and maintaining IT alignment with the business initiatives and for increasing the value delivered from IT. In addition, he was the principal architect of a CIO-level benchmark (ITOA) designed to measure the cost-efficiency and productivity of enterprise IT. This benchmark has been the most successful new product in GartnerGroup's history. He also created and managed GartnerGroup's Transition Strategies (TS) research and advisory service to address the management (versus technology) issues in the transition from legacy systems to client-server styles of computing. These issues included IT governance, IS organization, architecture and standards, application development strategies and measuring the costs of transition (e.g., total cost of ownership models for evaluating the costs of transition). His early research with GartnerGroup focused on enterprise computing strategies for large users, primarily the IBM Large Systems market (i.e., mainframes), including IBM, PCM and alternative (e.g., HP, DEC, IBM) vendors. His research was directed to large users (Fortune 1000 worldwide) on the acquisition, deployment and management of large-scale, IBM and IBM-compatible mainframe systems.

Prior to GartnerGroup, Mark spent many years in the large systems market, including 15 years with IBM, as well as senior management responsibilities with Amdahl and National Advanced Systems (now Hitachi Data Systems). He has been an independent consultant providing custom market research services to vendors in the computer industry (e.g., IBM, HP, Hitachi, AT&T) on issues such as business strategy, product strategy, competitive positioning, pricing, terms and conditions and sales and support. Finally, as General Manager, Systemhouse, Ltd. (now SHL Systemhouse), Mark directed a systems development business providing large-scale, custom application development to users, including a staff of 250 application developers.

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